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A review of “The Rise of Worse is Better” from Richard P. Gabriel when working for Lucid, Inc.

An except from “Lisp: Good News, Bad News, How to Win Big.” (section 2.1, much more readable than that PDF version, and allows for easy copy and paste).

What makes a great design:

He calls this the “right thing” which implies that he is right, pretty interesting.

The worse-is-better philosophy is only slightly different

So, definitely not a simple philosophy already.

The MIT guy then muttered that sometimes it takes a tough man to make a tender chicken, but the New Jersey guy didn’t understand (I’m not sure I do either).

Probably my favorite part of this whole essay, being tender is not easy, it’s tough.

Anyway, pretty interesting essay but seems to:

  • Not be simple to understand
  • Is neither accurate nor free of errors
  • Contains contradictions: explaining how to be simple in a complicated way
  • Doesn’t solve a hard problem: it makes it more complicated

I would recommend reading instead: